After one week with the best – you’ll forget the rest.

We are so confident in our people, products and services that we will provide up to one week of full coffee service, Free of Charge.

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Choose from our fabulous variety of K-cup’s, Muldoon’s Singles or our very own Canada’s Finest traditional roast and ground. We also have teas, hot chocolates even filtered water. We will provide at least one week worth of coffee and everything else you need to enjoy that coffee, such as cups, dairy, sugar etc. [PRINTABLE PRODUCT LIST]

We deliver the products and equipment to your location

Get full coffee service

Together we’ll determine what type of brewer(s) are best suited for your facilities. We will set up all the equipment  you need right at your location. Along with the brewer, we deliver all the flavour profiles you have chosen. If you want to try something different during the trial period, no problem, we’ll keep supplying different flavours and taste profiles until you’re happy…ALL FOR FREE!

Choose from Kurig, Muldoons, Bunn or the ion

No lip-service allowed!

We mean what we say – FREE is FREE. In fact if for some strange reason it’s just not working for you, we will remove our equipment, clean-up the area and, after thanking you for allowing us to present our company, be on our way… it’s that simple!


Everything about this trial is free including the smiles. 

Everything about this trial is free including the smiles!
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Maritime Coffee Privacy Policy

Any information supplied or submitted at  maritimecoffee.com or our Facebook pages is kept private and confidential and is never sold, reviewed, or used by any party other than Maritime Coffee service or Aquaviva office water if you have inquired about our water service.

Our sole company purpose is to provide you with the best coffee, the purest water and customer service that goes beyond legendary.