Aquaviva Office Water

Maritime Coffee supports a smaller carbon footprint with our sister company Aquaviva!

 Drink chilled, sparkling, filtered water, while reducing landfills and improving your company’s bottom-line

…this is a win/win !

The Clear Choice

Aquaviva is a Canadian owned and operated Office Water Service company dedicated to a single, simple proposition:

” We’ll provide your workplace with cool, refreshing water, one purified glass at a time, better than anyone else in Canada!”

With over 30 years experience supplying Canadian workplaces with beverage systems we have learned a thing or two about what a modern workplace wants from their supplier: the best product, the best service, the best value, a supplier with a difference.

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Aquaviva Advantage

Not only does the ION™ provide you better tasting, cleaner, cooler water, it is better for your bottom line, and the environment.  By switching to an ION™, you are saving money and reducing your environmental impact through reduced waste, emissions, and energy consumption.


Emissions Comparison

The average ION™ only needs one filter change per year.  That means that an Aquaviva technician is only making one trip per year to change the filter versus weekly trips made by other water companies to deliver the weekly supply of jugs.

Filter Comparison

One ION™ filter passes 1,000 gallons of water, or 128,000 ounces before it needs to be replaced. That’s 200 18.9 litre jugs or 8,000 500mL water bottles.


Energy comparison

Due to the advanced sleep mode the ION™ saves 4 times as much energy as other coolers, by utilizing sleep mode.  You’re using less, and saving more. 


Aquaviva Water Clear

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Our sole company purpose is to provide you with the best coffee, the purest water and customer service that goes beyond legendary.