Whole Bean, Roast & Ground Coffee

Columbian 42x1.5 Costa Rican 42 X 2.5 Oz Colombian Dark Bean 4lb
Columbian 42 X 1.75oz Heritage Exclusive 12x12oz Colombian Bean 5lb
Columbian 42x2oz European Dark 42 X 2 Oz Costa Rica Tarrazu Beans 5lb
Columbian 42x2.25 French Roast 42 X 2.25 Costa Rica Noir Bean 4lb (Euro Dark)
Mocha Java 42x1.5 Fair Trade Organic Colombian 42 X 2.25 Decaf Light Bean 5lb
Mountain Roast 42x2oz Fair Trade Royale 42 X 1.75 Espresso Di Genoa Bean 4lb
Mountain Roast 42x2.25oz Vend Grind 1lb. French Breakfast Beans 4lb ( Melange Maison )
Mountain Roast 42x2.5oz In-Room Decaf 100x23g Fair Trade Royal 5lbs
High Mountain 42x1.25 In-Room Reg 100 X23g Mocha Java Bean 5lb
High Mountain Decaffeinated 42x1.3 FLAVORED Starbucks Decaffeinated Pike Place Beans 1lb
Decaffeinated 42x2oz Butter Pecan 30 X 1.75 Starbucks Espresso Beans 1lb
Mocha Java 42x2 Butter Pecan 30 X 1.75 Starbucks True North Beans 1lb
Mountain Roast 42 X 1.75oz Chocolate Raspberry 30 X 1.75 Starbucks Verona Beans 1lb
Gourmet Blend 42x37g French Vanilla 30 X 1.75 WHOLE FLAVORED BEAN
Sb Blend 42x2.25 Irish Cream 30 X 1.75 Chocolate Raspberry Bean 5lb
Bold Blond Roast 42 X 2.5 Oz Vanilla Nut 30 X 1.75 Hazelnut & Cream W/B 5lb
Bold Euro Roast 42 X 2.5 Oz WHOLE COFFEE BEAN Irish Cream Whole Bean 5lb
Mystique 5lbs Vanilla Nut Bean 5lb
Instant Decaf 100x1.6g

Single Pods

Colombian French Vanilla Cream Emerald Irish Cream
Costa Rican Fair Trade Colombian Scottish Maple Shortbread
Decaf Colombian Fair Trade Swiss Water Decaf Sumatran
Donut Shop Blend Gingerbread West Coast Signature
Flying Scotsman Guatemalan Muldoon’s Whipping Cocoa
French Roast House Blend Hazel Nut Cafe Blend Muldoon’s Latte Powder
French Vanilla Cream Highland Blend


Big Easy Bold Emeril San Lorenzo Dark Africana Fair Trade & Organic
Breakfast Blend White Hot Choc Amazonia Fair Trade & Organic
Caffè Mocha Winter Carnival Breakfast Blend
Chamomile Tea GREEN MOUNTAIN Butterscotch
Chinese Green Tea Hot Apple Cider Colombian Dark
Christmas Blend Caramel Vanilla Cream Colombian – Medium
Chai Latte Dark Magic Costa Rica
Chai Tea Decaf French Vanilla Creme Brulee
Cinnamon Pastry Golden French Toast Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Colombian La Vereda Half/Caff Decaffeinated House Blend
Colombian Excelencia Island Coconut Decaffeinated French Roast – Dark
Cranberry Twist Kenyan Eclipse Blend
Dulce De Leche Lake & Lodge French Roast
Decaf Eng Breakfast Tea Nantucket Blend French Vanilla
Decaf Columbian Our Blend Fair Trade Vanilla Hazelnut Decaf
Decaf-Hazelnut Vermont Country Blend House Blend
English Breakfast Tea Vermont Country Blend Decaf Fair Trade Holiday Blend
Earl Grey Tea Wild Mountain Blueberry Fair Trade Mexico Fair Trade & Organic
French Roast BARISTA PRIMA Midnight Express
French Vanilla Colombia – Medium/Dark Mocha Java
Nicaraguan Fair Trade Organic French Roast – Darkest Napoletano
French Vanilla Latte House Blend – Medium Pecan Praline
German Chocolate Cake Italian Roast – Dark Sumatra Dark X-Bold
Irish Cream STARBUCKS Swiss Water Decaf Fair Trade & Organic
Italian Blend Decaf Pike Place Vanilla Hazelnut
Jazzed Up Decaf Emeril French Roast FOLGERS
Kahlua Pike Place Black Silk
Lemon Blueberry Tea Veranda Caramel Drizzle
Laura Secord Hot Chocolate Mix Verona Classic Roast
Laura Secord Mint Hot Chocolate Mix LAVAZZA Lively Colombian
Midnight Magic Classico Vanilla Biscotti
Morning Blend Gran Selezione TULLY’S
Mocha Java COFFEE PEOPLE Decaf French Roast
Original Donut Blend Black Tiger French Roast
Orange Pekoe Tea The Original Donut Shop Regular Italian Roast
Parisian Nights Turbo Caffeine / Jet Fuel ADAGIO
Pumpkin Spice Cafe Escapes Hot Milk Chocolate Caffè Napoli
Peppermint Tea DONUT HOUSE Decaf House Blend
Pacific Island Blend Chocolate Glazed Donut House Blend
Rain-forest Espresso Donut House Coffee Toscana Blend
Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea Sweet & Creamy 12’s
Sugar Bush Maple


Chinese Breakfast Tea King Cole Tea 1000's - 1cup Cozy Chamomile Tea 28's
Chamomile Lemon Tea King Cole Orange Pecoe 240's Constant Comment 28's
Decaf Ginger Lemon Tea King Cole 250's Decaf Cinnamon Apple Tea 28's
Aged Earl Grey Tea King Cole Filterblend Tea 42's Cranberry Apple Tea 28's
Golden Chai Tea PLUCK TEA'S Earl Grey Tea 28's
Gunpowder Green Tea After Dinner Mint 20's English Breakfast Tea 28's
Jasmine Green Tea Earl Grey Cream 20's English Teatime Decaffeinated 28's
Mate Lemon Tea English Breakfast 20's English Teatime 28's
Moroccan Mint Tea Ctrl + Alt + Del 20's Green Tea 28's
Orange Spice Tea Fields Of Green 20's Green Decaffeinated Tea 28's
Rooibos Chai Tea Southbrook Berry Blend 20's I Love Lemon Tea 28's
Rooibos Tea TETLEY TEA'S Lemon Lift Tea 28's
Toasted Rice Green Tea Tetley Tea 100's Tagged 1 Cup Orange Pekoe Mint Medley 28's
Tetley Tea 240's Peppermint Herbal Tea 28's
Tetley Tea Decaf 50's Tagged 1 Cup Orange Pekoe Plantation Mint Tea 28's
Raspberry Royale Tea 28's
Spiced Chai Tea 20's

Dairy, Whiteners, Sugars, Sweeteners, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Water, Juice & Pop

1% Dairy 1 Liter Sugar Cubes 500g Apple Juice 24’s
10% Dairy Cream 160’s 2 Kg Bag Granulated Cranberry Cocktail 24’s
10% Cream 1 Liter Sugar Individual 2000’s Orange Juice 24’s
10% Cream 473ml Raw Individual Sugar 3.5kg Lipton Brisk Iced Tea 12x355ml
18% Dairy Cream 160’s Splenda Individual 500’s Nestle Pure Life Water 35 X 500ml
18% Cream 1 Liter Sugar Twin 250’s Perrier Sparkling Water 24’s
18% Cream 473ml Twist Top 20 Oz Cylinder V8 Juice 24x340ml
2% Dairy Milk 160’s CAPPUCCINO MIX 7-Up
2% Dairy Milk 1 Liter Victoria Inn French Vanilla 2lb Caffeine Free Diet Coke
2% Dairy 2 Liter Selection English Toffee 2lbs Coke
Skim Milk 1 Liter Selection French Vanilla 2lbs Coke Zero
Liquid Coffee-Mate Original 180 X 11ml Select Gourmet Cocoa 2 Lb Club Soda
Coffee-Mate 311g Cyl. Selection White Chocolate Caramel 2lbs Diet Coke
Coffee-Mate Creamer Envelopes 1000’s HOT CHOCOLATE Diet Pepsi
Dure Capp Foamer 500gr Carnation Liquid Hot Chocolate 6x70oz Diet Root Beer
Evaporated Milk 385 m Carnation Hot Chocolate Regular 28gm Dr Pepper
Carnation Hot Chocolate Lite 13 Gm Diet Sprite
Selection Hot Chocolate 2lbs Diet Sprite
Hot Chocolate Vendwhip 2lb Ginger Ale

Cups, Lids, Assorted Kitchenware and Stir Sticks

Brown Rippled Cup 12oz 1000/Cs Paper Water Cup 7oz 6"3/4 Chinet Plates 250's
Brown Rippled Cup 16oz 500/Cs Paper Water Cup 7oz - Sleeve Dispenser Napkins 500's
Clarus 16 Oz Plastic Cup 1000/Cs Solo White Cup 8 Oz Java Jackets 1600's
10j10 Dart Cups Membertou 10oz Cup White Plastic Forks 1000's
10j10 Dart Cups - Sleeve Thophy 8xtc 8oz Cup White Plastic Knives 1000's
12j12 Dart Cups LIDS White Plastic Spoons 1000's
10 Oz Mocha Cup - Sleeve Clear Flat Lids With Straw Slot Stir Sticks
12 Oz Mocha Cup Lids 8oz Mocha - Sleeve Wooden stir stick 1000's
12 Oz Mocha Cup - Sleeve Multi Fit Lid - 10,12,16oz Plastic stir stick 1000's
16 Oz Mocha Cup Solo 8oz Lockback Lid
16 Oz Mocha Cup - Sleeve Solo Multi Fit Lid, 10,12,16oz
20 Oz Mocha Cup Solo Multi Fit Lid, 10,12,16oz - Sleeve
8 Oz Mocha Cup - 2000's Solo 10 Oz Lid - Lb310
8 Oz Mocha Cup - 1000's Solo 10 Oz Lid - Cl310
8 Oz Mocha Cup - Sleeve Lids 8oz Solo
16 Oz Ripple Cup Lids 8oz Solo - Sleeve
Cone Water Cups 4.5oz 10oz Trophy Lid